As we all know, the spread of the Coronavirus has resulted in many public places being shut down as local governments ask that we take self-quarantine measures. To help keep your household in good spirits, we’ve compiled a list of 20 fun indoor activities to help fill the time.

  1. Have a Movie Marathon
    Many parents limit screen time but this next month may have to be an exception. Gather the family for a movie marathon! Whether you make it a superhero extravaganza or follow the Griswolds in the classic National Lampoon’s movies, make this a special family event. Pick a group of movies everyone loves, be sure to stretch between each one and choose healthy snacks.
  1. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course
    Keep kids active and burn some energy with this easy-to-make indoor course from What’s Up Moms. You can make a great course with objects already in the house! Plan the course with your kids then put it all together.
  2. Family Book Club
    If your little ones are readers, try starting a family book club! Choose a title for everyone to read and schedule snacks and discussion.
  3. Family Board Game Night
    When we were kids, we loved board games, right? Let’s show our little ones how much fun they can be. Introduce them to your favorite classics and let them show you which ones they like the most.
  4. Active Indoor Games
    There are many classic games that kids can play indoors, such as LeapFrog, Simon Says, I Spy, Charades … the list goes on! You can try a different game every day!
  5. Activity Book Puzzles
    They make activity books for all ages, so these can be a great way to keep the calm in the house while keeping young minds stimulated.
  6. Video Game Tournaments
    Many video game consoles offer multiplayer games. Give your kids time to compete against each other. Make sure this activity doesn’t take up the whole day and that players have ample time to stretch and keep their blood flowing.
  7. Indoor Bowling
    Choose a place in your home to set up recycled bottles as pins and use any ball you have around the house to create a fun bowling game. Add a little sand or water to the bottles to make it harder if empty bottles are too easy.
  8. Create a Collage
    Whether your child has a favorite musician, activities or a wide variety of interests, help them to create a collage! Clip photos and words from magazines and newspapers to create a piece that has great meaning to them. Then work together to hang it up in their room!
  9. Make Indoor S’mores
    Offer the kids a treat by making s’mores! You can do this indoors with candles, just be sure to set up a spill zone… toasted marshmallows are sticky and hard to get off the couch.
  10. Paper Plate Tic-Tac-Toe
    Create an oversized game of Tic-Tac-Toe using masking tape and paper plates! Define the 9-square grid using the tape, then draw X’s and O’s on the plates. If you have enough plates, allow the kids to create their own special set.
  11. Paper Airplanes
    Teach your children how to build a good paper airplane and compete to see who’s plane can go the farthest. There are many ways to make planes, have fun with it, get creative!
  12. DIY Moon Sand
    If your kids like hands-on activities, then they’ll love Moon Sand! It’s easy to make and so much fun. Make castles, mountains or sea creatures!
  13. Make Galaxy Slime
    What young child doesn’t love the sparkle of Galaxy Slime! It’s great for hours of entertainment and you can make it at home with this easy recipe.
  14. DIY Ring Toss
    Another fun activity you can make at home is a ring toss game. Create the “pole” that you aim your rings for using an empty paper towel roll or something else that you have laying around. Next, create your rings. Use paper plates and help your kids to cut a big hole in the middle to make the rings. Let them decorate their own, then let the games begin!
  15. Start an Indoor Garden
    Give each member of your family the tools they need to plant and care for a fruit, vegetable or herb that they love. This is a great opportunity for the kids to learn about what it takes to nurture a plant, and how we get our produce. And if they are growing something they love, there’s a better chance they’ll take care of it.
  16. DIY Laser Maze
    You’ll be the coolest parent on the block with this awesome laser maze! You can do it in any hallway using crepe paper. Plus, you can make it easier or harder to fit your child’s age and abilities. Grab this tutorial and start today!
  17. Alphabet Bingo
    Another fun game you can play at home is Alphabet Bingo. This is great for the little ones to help reinforce their letters. Download these bingo cards from Crazy Little Projects to start playing today.
  18. Treasure Hunt with Clues
    Finding a treasure map is very exciting for kids and adults! Create a set of clues that bring your kids throughout the house in search of treasures. Each clue should lead to the next one until they find the “big treasure”! If you’re kids are not reading yet, use shapes.
  1. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
    For all the people who bought all the toilet paper out there, these activities are for you! The creative minds over at have 79 ways to use the empty toilet paper rolls, so you should have plenty of ideas. 

We hope you’ve found a bunch of ideas you can try out! Have more to add? Please share your ideas in the comments below! And above all, keep your family safe.

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