FamilyFunBox! Origin: As told by our grandma, Lolly

I believe that two of the most important things in my life are family and time. When my children were young, I worked full time and we were in constant motion with jobs, homework, meals, sports. Finding time – even a few hours to just “play” – was rare. It seemed like there was never enough of it.

When I became a grandmother, I wanted to give my family an easy way to find time to play and make memories. So when my grandsons were small, I began building the Newman FamilyFunBox! My daughter and son in-law are busy people, so the goal was to uncover activities that would be fun for everyone. In the spring I began collecting activities and experiences like bubble shows or LEGO workshops or gymnastics classes… And when we presented the box at the holidays it was stuffed the cool things to do – without the research and planning and expense.

The FamilyFunBox! was a hit. There were rainy day activities, outdoor experiences and stuff to do with friends. And, I was the cool grandma who gave the precious gift of time.