As a developmental psychologist, I know that memories last longer than “stuff.”  Memories can bring people together through meaningful experiences that don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Music is a key component of my childhood memories. Our family sang together during road trips, with Mom playing the guitar as Dad drove.  As a mom, I’m blessed to have a teenage daughter with great taste in music and outstanding DJ skills.  She’s involved in sports and other activities and I have a demanding job — so we have plenty of car time — and our commutes often involve very enthusiastic and loud singing.  Its great bonding.

I love babies and kids of all ages and I’m fascinated by how they interact with the world and how they develop over time.  My research allows me to study things that may impact a child’s development; prematurity, exposures to toxins, drugs.  I also consider living conditions, family relationships and experiences because they make a massive contribution to a child’s development.

FamilyFunBox! is a powerful memory maker.  We’re all so busy.  Finding time to connect counts most.  Fun times, new experiences and encouraging supportive, trusting relationships can help kids believe in themselves and build their foundation for the future.