Being a “Funkle” (fun Uncle) is pretty cool. I like to spend time with my nephews, but sometimes I’m not really sure how to find memorable, fun things for us to do. I don’t have kids yet, so often I rely on my friends who are parents to guide me. FamilyFunBox! gives me new activities without the worry of planning. I can look forward to hanging out with my nephews and experiencing an interesting activity with them. Some of my favorite family memories involve us having an adventure together. We learned about each other and about ourselves, and those events keep us bonded. My personal interests include travel, cooking, sports and technology – and FamilyFunBox! touches on them all. It helps us get creative and active and engaged. I’m always trying to make time for the people I love because I believe that family is the most important construct we’ve got. Technology is great, but togetherness without screens is greater.