As a working mom of two boys who are 5 years apart, I’ve spent hours curating activities for our family and friends. And with a  20+ year career in educational technology, I know that experiences with family members and other trustworthy adults gives young children a way to learn about social relationships and emotions. Research shows that children who are socially and emotionally secure are more likely to have good academic performance and better behavior.  But with technology and busy lifestyles, we have less and less structured play time; less time to really connect.  FamilyFunBox! is a way to create and enjoy family time by providing impactful experiences that are good for us all.   

Establishing close relationships with adults is related to children’s emotional security, sense of self, and evolving understanding of the world around them.

California Department of Education, “Social Emotional Development Domain”, 2019

For as long as I could remember, family vacations have been a part of our lives. Now our vacations include my family,  my parents, my brothers and their families.  We look forward to this uninterrupted time because we always learn more about each other and we come away with irreplaceable memories.  But we can’t travel all the time.  When I was a young mom, my mother inquired about holiday gifts, and my wish was for more time together.   She delivered the first FamilyFunBox!; a customized box of activities, experiences and fun stuff.  It was so easy for me to reach in and know that what I pulled out would be something we could do together. We were all set, with no time consuming planning and no extra expense.  My family loved FamilyFunBox! and my friends wished they could have their own.  

I’m a huge mental health advocate and I understand that healthy connections, play and interaction provide a strong foundation for our future. Creating FamilyFunBox! is the culmination of my belief that we can better society through our children.  I want to make it easy for parents, grandparents and others to find fun family experiences that increase quality time and togetherness.  Fun is serious business.