The grandsons call me “Captain.” As a dad and a grandad, I know that family time makes lasting memories. Toys break. Clothes go out of style. Once-cool stuff becomes useless clutter. But memories are forever…they are what really matter and stand the test of time. Family time also builds strong, independent, capable people. It’s how kids experience the world and learn to navigate it on their own.

As a kid we took road trips, camped out, went to the beach. There were random frisbee tosses in the yard, basketball games in the driveway, and sledding when we had a snow day. I remember that there was more time then, than there is today.

We began taking our kids (and then adding their spouses and their kids) on family vacations to capture special moments of family time. Watching them interact and engage and play together made me happy back then when they were children, and still makes me proud when they’re adults.

Family FunBox! was an idea to help the playing continue, and to tighten healthy relationships and build perspectives into the bigger world. Our daughter’s family got adventures that lasted much of the year. Activities to do together and with their friends. Things to get them out of the house, away from screens and into the world to experience something new and make a memory. I’m excited to be on this journey to help bring family fun and memory-making through FamilyFunBox!