When I was young, my mother had limited energy to devote to her three high-energy kids after a long workday.  On weekends, we divided our time between sports and other activities.  It was exhausting. My favorite childhood memory is our gin rummy family nights. During rare down times, these games brought us together — laughing, enjoying each others’ company — it was a great way to bond. 

Now, I’m the uncle of several nieces and nephews.  I cherish my time with all of them.  Watching them react to new experiences is a one of the things I enjoy most.  FamilyFunBox! gives busy families different ways to stay engaged without the effort and coordination. The hard part is done for you! Everyone can simply have fun with the people they love and maybe find a new tradition! I love traveling the world, live music and concerts, and seeing my nieces and nephews confident, compassionate and loved.  I believe family is laughter, love, and history.