WHY A FamilyFunBox!?
The American Pediatrics Association correlates quality family time to better behavior, better school outcomes, and overall better mental health for kids.   However most families get less than 40 minutes of quality family time daily.

FamilyFunBox! removes the time and stress of researching and planning play activities by providing a subscription for a multitude of fun experiences, based on children’s ages, location, and interests. Our seasonal personalized subscription box for families includes 3 family experiences (tickets or vouchers, games, and swag) per quarter, curated for your family based on our proprietary family preference survey. FamilyFunBox! takes the guesswork out of planning, research time and expense for you.  Each experience description includes the time and energy level required for play.

When you subscribe, we’ll send you a seasonal box of family experiences (tickets to events, activities, games and swag) all designed to increase your family time based on your location and likes.

Is FamilyFunBox! only for Parents?
No.  FamilyFunBox! is a great idea for any friend or family member that wants to increase quality time. Are you a grandparent looking for ways to spend more time with your grand kids?  A fun aunt or uncle that wants a super cool gift that everyone can enjoy?  FamilyFunBox! is for you.

Absolutely!  We encourage it.

Is FamilyFunBox! looking for partners?
Yes!  As mental health advocates, FamilyFunBox! wants to partner with programs and centers that support these issues in our local community.  We also would love to feature your family friendly event, activity or product in one of our boxes.  If either of these sound like you, contact us at marketing@familyfunbox.co.

What about non-traditional families?
Everyone is welcome at FamilyFunBox!

Why don’t you ask for the gender of my children in your survey?
We will purposely never ask for the gender of anyone in your family. Why?  At FamilyFunBox! we believe it is important to prevent stereotypes. Your box will be filled with gender neutral experiences the whole family will enjoy.

Who is Frankie?
Frankie FunBox is our fun ambassador.  He makes sure that each box comes with the information gear you need for every family adventure.

Because we are a subscription service, you must sign up for a membership and agree to our Membership Terms and Terms of Use and Sale in order to receive a box. You must remain a member for 2 cycles before you can cancel. However, you can discontinue your membership before you are billed for your third box.

Seasonal Memberships auto-renew each season and Annual Memberships auto-renew after you’ve received all four (4) boxes associated with your membership. We always email our members in advance to let them know when their next bill date will be!